The Light

About this Gospel:

This striking general-use cover can be used in any sharing situation. Share it with encouraging words about brightening the recipient's day or bringing some much needed light to difficult circumstances. Made possible with the gracious help of Crossway Books, the English Standard Version is a strong modern English translation similar in style to the NASB or NKJV. Features modern graphic design throughout with oversized chapter numbers to enhance readability. It contains the same features as our other Gospels, including the Plan of Salvation.

The cover, based on a suggestion by a member, shows the rays of the sun streaming out of darkness to illustrate the beauty of being in "the Light." Shown here is the front and back cover spread.


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Gospel Specs:


Dimensions (closed):
3.75" W x 5.25" H

Dimensions (open):
7.5" W x 5.25" H


English Standard Version

All pocket-sized Gospels include the complete book of the Gospel of John, plus information about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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