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See How To Share

Every day, Christ-followers around the world are transforming lives with pocket-sized Gospels of John. See how husbands and wives, children, students, business owners, neighbors, and so many more are sharing the love of Jesus and His message of salvation through The Gospel.

What Is "The Movement"?

"Not easy."  What would you put in the not easy category? Hiking Kilimanjaro, running a marathon, learning a second language? You might consider each of these physically or mentally challenging. Would you say that sharing your faith falls into the "not easy" category?

For many this might be the case. Sharing God's word can be intimidating. How will they react? What if they ask a question I can't answer? What if they get upset? Lord, who do I share with? We understand. These are questions all of us ask.

But by simply asking, "will you accept this gift?" And handing them a pocket-sized Gospel of John, you have just turned "not easy" into something simple and more importantly, something doable. You've simply made a friendly offer.

In times of crisis and anxiety, real hope is most strongly communicated from one person to another — face to face. That's how Jesus changed lives, and that's how you and I are going to change lives today.

The time is now. The need is great. Are you in? Let's Go! Let's spread Christ's hope. Just order Gospels through the form above, or donate to share Jesus through others who have requested sponsored Gospels. Sharing Jesus is the movement!