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Massive Global Impact 


  • 14.9 Million people were reached with encouragement, leading to... 
  • 542,057 daily engagements with God’s Word, resulting in...
  • More than 1,327 individual and Partner Members reaching over 152,165 people with digital and printed Gospels of John
  • That is 5,072 people hearing about Jesus every day!

One Simple Method: Helping You Share Jesus in HIS own Words.

Does your heart beat for Jesus? And, do you want everyone to meet Jesus and have eternal life? We know that it can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. That’s why we created a simple, no pressure method to share Jesus using pocket-sized Gospels of John.

Fe F. from Ontario recently shared Christ for the first time using our method: “I’ve always wanted to share the Gospel with my co-workers but I always chickened out. With what has been going on with the virus, God gave me the opportunity to share a pocket Gospel last Friday with my co-worker who was very enthusiastic.” Try it for yourself. Join the movement today!