Make It Your Gospel

About this Publication:

Small and compact, this reference guide folds out to reveal many powerful references exclusively from the Gospel of John, so that people can use it without needing to have the entire Bible handy (uses references only, not the actual verses). Includes verses about how to become a Christian, verses that answer objections to Christianity, verses to help strengthen Christians, John's 14 portraits of Jesus and more. When you are able to talk to someone about God, they'll benefit from the additional insights the reference guide gives you as you share. IMPORTANT: Please don't give these out automatically with your Gospels, as this would cause our inventory to deplete in mere days. Give this guide away ONLY if you have an opportunity to actually engage someone in a discussion and they indicate a sincere desire to get into the Word of God. The primary purpose of these guides is to equip you as a member of the League to share more effectively by having these special verses at your fingertips when you talk to people.


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Dimensions (closed):
2.5" W x 4" H

Dimensions (open):
12.5" W x 4" H


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