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How to sign into the League website

Need help signing in? Here are some simple steps you can take to try to solve any problems you're having on your own. If you're still experiencing problems after reading this, please contact us.

To sign in, you need the username (or your email address) and your password.

Need to set up a web account?

Many of our members joined the League before we created our new secure web site, so they don't have an online identity yet. If you received a message that you don't have an account, it means you need to set one up. This just takes a moment. You'll need to have your membership ID handy to create a web account. If you don't have that available, use the lost password retrieval form and we'll send it to you by E-mail.

Don't recall setting up a username and password?

Click Retrieve lost password. Enter your email address and a new password will be sent to you.

Getting a message that your username and password are incorrect?

If you've been getting a sign-in error, just use the login retrieval form to generate a login reset request by E-mail. You can give yourself a new password instantly. Please note that it will send this information to the E-mail address we have on file in our system.

Still having trouble?

Call our member support line to get personalized help. 844-376-2538.