The Gospel Gift
Annuity Program

A giving program that gives more

You love God’s Word. You have a heart to share His Word with others. How can God’s Word and your retirement work together to reach others for Christ?

Consider a Gospel Gift Annuity from The Pocket Testament League.

Our Gospel Gift Annuity lets you get the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy monthly tax-reduced earnings as high as 9.0% per annum while ensuring that thousands of people get a chance to receive the Word of God, many for the first time in their lives. For every dollar you contribute to your fund, two people receive a free pocket-sized Gospel of John through our extensive network of more than 600,000 members across the nation and throughout the world!

Payout rates are based on age, and can go as high as 9.0% at age 85.

The League has distributed more than 100 million Gospels since its foundation in 1893. Millions of Gospels are shared each year. All free. All made possible by ordinary people like you with a heart to do something meaningful with their time and money. Your gift provides real hope for people everywhere who are searching for spiritual meaning in their lives. Can you think of a better way to utilize your retirement funds?

The power of multiplication

We've found that statistically when Gospels are shared, as many as 20% of the Gospels given away result in new members added to the League with 20% of those committed to actively sharing their faith. As a result, sharing 10,000 Gospels could mean 2,000 new members and 400 of these sharing up to 360 Gospels a year, leading to the potential of more than 144,000 additional Gospels shared annually through the power of multiplication!

Please share in this wonderful adventure through the use of a Gospel Gift Annuity.

More information

If you wish to discuss an annuity in detail, please contact by E-mail or use our web feedback form.