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Prayer requests from our Members

We deeply appreciate your interest in praying for the evangelism efforts of our members. Your prayers provide powerful spiritual support for those who are being reached with our Gospel books. Prayer requests exist for days after posting, and then disappear unless renewed, so you can be sure that you're praying for recently posted needs. Currently active prayer requests are shown below, starting with the most recent posting.

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Charles S. from Lebanon, OH
Originally posted 06/15/2021
Please pray for my dear wife of 54 years, who is having spiritual and health issues, that sometimes seem too much for us. I have a few myself, please pray for me also.
Todd P. from Brooklyn Park, MN
Originally posted 06/15/2021
This morning while walking to a coffee shop, I stopped to minister to this man sitting outside. Ron thought everyone went to heaven until I pointed out there’s a place called hell but God made a way for him not to go there. After reviewing the gospel which he believed, Ron prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. When I later asked if he had a Bible, Ron said he didn’t read since his vision was impaired as the result of a stroke. I gave Ron a gospel of John in large print after he received prayer for healing and started seeing better. “But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear” (Matthew 13:16).
George S. from Louisville, KY
Originally posted 05/18/2021
Please pray for my newest ministry outreach which is a Facebook Group called Word Fellowship. I'm inviting people to join the group and occasionally meet together in a non-religious setting to have open conversation about walking with Christ and Christianity. I'm meeting today with the location I would like to rent for this purpose. Please pray for God's favor in the meeting and for people to discover, join, and attend these meet ups. Thank you very much. George

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