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There's always something going on in this dynamic ministry. We recommend that you check back regularly to see what's new. Here's a list of the most recent developments:


Planning a mission trip?

“Go,” Jesus said, “and make disciples of all nations.” See how our members are reaching out to others in this story posted on our website by Gina C. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 

“I am able to give the new Japanese Gospels of John to a lot of people, including a missionary couple. I was even able to give away some Chinese Gospels. I left them at a restaurant near a Chinese language ESL school. The Gospels of John are gone in less than a week every month! God bless all PTL members and all your work!”

In almost every community in our country, there are people who speak a language other than English. That's why, in addition to several English translations, The League offers Gospels in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian. In addition, you'll find Spanish/English and Chinese/English bilingual editions. We're constantly expanding our selection to better meet your real-life sending situations!

Whether you're planning to visit another country, or you want to reach out to communities right here at home, you can find the Gospel of John that's right for you at:


Los Angeles Students Sharing on College Campus

Students are motivated to share the Gospel. Here's an encouraging example posted on our website by Melody C. in Los Angeles, California: 

“My campus fellowship frequently goes out around campus to share the Gospel and talk to fellow students there. The campus is so large and often if we just stand there trying to hand them out, people will ignore us. We try to make it more personal by approaching students one-on-one so that we can sit down and share our story and the Gospel with them. The Pocket Testament Gospels are a beautiful way of reminding them as well as sharing the Word of God with them…If at least one of the many Gospels we have given out is read and has brought someone closer to Christ, then we rejoice for that person's soul.”

In a place of higher learning, Melody and her Christian classmates are sharing the knowledge above all knowledge – the Good News of Jesus Christ. They're willing to speak about their faith among their peers, despite the rebuffs of those who refuse to listen. Why? For the sake of those who will listen and believe! The Bible says in Luke 15:10, “I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” 

Share your faith continually and courageously. Talk about the saving gift of spiritual knowledge. Hand out Gospel of John Pocket Testaments. You can order a new 30-day supply now at


Does this break your heart?

Does it make your head ache and heart break when you read the news?  We live in a broken world.

Did you know that?

Does this break your heart? It breaks ours. Can you do anything about it? You bet you can! There is a solution, a remedy!  It’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God wants you to make a difference in the world and The Pocket Testament League is here to provide the resources you need to share Jesus with others.

God will use you to change our culture… one person at a time. Order Gospels and share one every day. Visit



Help us equip Christians to share the Gospel!

Do you know what League sponsors do? Let Elwood in Williamstown, Kentucky, tell you about his sponsors: 

“A million thanks to those who have sponsored me! The Pocket Testament Gospels are going to those who are suffering from depression, feelings of loss, etc. These Gospels give hope to so many who have never been exposed to the true Good News of a Savior who loves them and seeks to be not only their Lord and Savior, but their Friend. Thank you, and God bless you all.”

Elwood's sponsors are fellow members who are donating the cost of the Gospel shipments he receives. Through his sponsors' generosity, Elwood is able to reach suffering souls with the healing message of Christ's forgiveness, compassion and love. 

Many League members are motivated to share their faith, and they are eager to follow up their words with a Gospel of John. Due to financial limitations, however, they're unable to receive their Gospel order until another member steps forward to sponsor them. Does this sound like something you could do? 

Sponsors make a difference. They touch lives. They bring hope and peace to people. To join in this life-giving and life-saving work, visit


A Story of Perfect Love

What could be a greater example of love than God's love for us, demonstrated through the sacrificial gift of His own Son? This is one love story the world needs to hear! 

This Valentines Day share A STORY OF PERFECT LOVE, a Pocket Testament designed to share the greatest love story. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son… for God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him” (John 3:16-17).

Who do you know that needs to hear God's love story? Order a supply of A STORY OF PERFECT LOVE Pocket Testaments today! 


FREE Daily Devotional for 2013

Refresh your quiet time by beginning 2013 with a new daily devotional from The Pocket Testament League. So far over 55,000 people have signed up for our FREE daily devotional email, including Autry from Grove City, Ohio. Check out this story that Autry posted to our website:

“My wife and I are on different tracks with the daily Pocket Devotionals. However, what is enjoyable is the sharing we have when one particular lesson or so applies to our walk of faith, and we share. The lessons are easy to read and to apply. I highly recommend getting these Pocket Testament devotionals on a daily basis and sharing the Thoughts for Today with someone. You will experience with me the feeling of spiritual enrichment and encouragement simply by sharing.”

The League's Daily Devotionals are designed to do for you what they're doing for Autry and his wife. By reading a short Bible-based devotional, you can open each weekday with God's Word, His guidance, and His encouragement. We offer practical suggestions on how you can apply what you've learned to your life, and we leave you with a thought or reflection to carry you through the day. 

Our Daily Devotionals also work to help you share God's Good News with others. A conversation might start with something like, “Say, do you know what I just learned this morning?” The Devotionals are free and they come to your inbox every weekday. You can read today's reflection and start receiving them immediately by visiting


Give the Gift of the Gospel to start the New Year!

There are only a few days left until we celebrate the birth of our Savior. And then we celebrate the New Year!

Have you thought about how wonderful it might be to kick off the New Year by giving your Christ-following friends a supply of Gospels? How about sharing with your pastor or Sunday school teacher? Encourage them to share with others.

We are praying that the ministry will continue to explode with new members in 2013 and with your partnership it can!

Tell others about The League and the wonderful resources we offer including pocket-sized Gospels of JohnEvangelism Boot Camp, and the online Scripture Journal!

What an awesome way to honor Christ as we celebrate the real reason for the season... Jesus Christ came to die for us! What an amazing God we have! Get prepared to keep sharing the Good News. Order Gospels now for 2013!


2012 Annual Report

As we finish this year, we are celebrating the awesome living Word of our Almighty God!

We have received so many stories of changed lives this year. Thousands and thousands of stories of people impacted by the living word of our God...and the stories come from those who receive the Word...and those who share it. God blesses all who touch it, and read it, and pray over it, and invest in it. 
Please celebrate with us by reading our 2012 Annual Report, and by investing sacrificially in things that have an eternal impact.

Ready for a spiritual challenge?

Are you ready for a spiritual challenge? Start with the Gospel of John. 

The Gospel of John presents Jesus Christ as true God and true man, sent from heaven to carry out God's plan of salvation. Through the book of John, we learn of His ministry among the people of His time on earth, and His ministry that continues among us today. The message is simple to understand, yet so dynamic that with every reading, we're drawn deeper into our relationship with Jesus Christ. 


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Add this to your Christmas shopping list!

Limited Edition Christmas Gospel Cover: THE BEST GIFT OF ALL

Christmas is a season of love, family, and tradition. So many people get caught up in the hype of searching for that perfect gift, or struggling through the endless shopping mall commercialism that they miss the reason for the season. Use this Gospel during the holidays to let someone know that the very best gift of all has already been purchased – and His name is Jesus. 

Keep a stash of THE BEST GIFT OF ALL Pocket Testaments and give them to your friends, neighbors, waitress, mailman... or whomever the LORD shows you! They are perfect to include with every gift you give. Order today while supplies last!



Limited-Edition Christmas Gospel


Christmas is a wonderful time to share, and this special edition Gospel was
created just for the holiday season.
Give it to the salesperson when you purchase someone's Christmas gift.
Place it with your gift card. 
Share it with Santa and his helpers when your kids get their photos taken.

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Bring the Gospel to your city!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! - Psalm 118:1
One way to express your thanks is to help someone else in his or her efforts to share Pocket Testaments. You can do this by selecting your level of sponsorship. You also can choose to support someone who has a heart a particular area of ministry and who shares God's Word in a specific city or town. 

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Heritage Moment: How Word Of Life Got It's Name

Heritage Moment: How Word Of Life got its Name from Word of Life on Vimeo.


October Ministry Update


October Ministry Update - From The League's President, Michael W. Brickley

Dear Friend:
Have you seen all the ads on television that promote buying gold? People are buying a lot of it. Why? 
Gold has been shown to be a safe hedge in times of economic and political uncertainty. 
It is estimated that all the gold in the world is worth about 10 trillion dollars. If you put it all in one place, it would fill up 3.5 Olympic-size swimming pools. 
These advertisements for gold should be a wakeup call for us.  As Christians we know there is something that has far greater value than gold… a value that lasts through eternity. It’s God’s Word!
As people look for security and protection, we have the answer that will never lose value and never disappoint


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FREE DOWNLOAD - Small Group Bible Study

This Book is Alive is a dynamic Bible study that makes it easy for you and friends to gather around God's Word.  Each of the six topics covered invites you and your group to read a relevant portion of Scripture. Helpful notes, videos and questions guide you as you discuss what you have read, and discover practical ways to apply biblical principles to everyday life.

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New Cover: Light of the World

Don't miss the NEW Pocket Testament Cover: Light of the World.

This cover was inspired by the elements of life, light, and growth, which represent God's working in a life dedicated to Him. The beautiful, original artwork is appealing to people of all ages and is perfect for a variety of sharing opportunities! 


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Thanksgiving Is Around the Corner!

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! As we get busy with the turkey and all the trimmings, it's easy to forget about the food that nourishes not just for a day, but for eternity.

Holiday meals and get-togethers with family and friends are good times to talk about God's message of salvation in Jesus Christ. At Thanksgiving, many of our members have “served up” the “Bread of Life” Gospel of John, and that's why we're offering it again this year.

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New Gospel Cover for Teen and Pre-teen Girls: Transformed

We live in a world where beauty and image are important to a young girl. The world is often enforcing an unrealistic expectation of how she should look, what she should say, and how she should act. Every young girl needs to grab hold of the truth that when you know Jesus, you are truly beautiful. Use this Gospel to reach a teenager who needs to hear that God does the ultimate makeover free of charge – He’s already paid the price through Jesus.


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A Precious Poem by John N. Bachmam, Sr

John Bachman is an old friend and long time supporter of The Pocket Testament League. He is in his 80's. He wrote this poem in 1946, after getting out of the Navy, prior to entering college. It’s called "Course Determined".  We hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed us.

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Gospels are now available in Japanese!

We are thrilled to announce that pocket-sized Gospels are now available in Japanese! With more than 130 million Japanese speaking people worldwide, we recognize that this is a God-sized opportunity to reach more people with the message of Jesus Christ... but we can't do this without you!

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New Video Series: Sharing the Gospel Just Got Easier

"Why am I here?”   “What is my purpose?” and “Is Hell a real place?

If you're like many Christians, you know the Bible contains the answers to life's most difficult questions, but explaining the truth can be a challenge.

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Five Reasons to Read the Bible

The Bible is the single most important book ever written. It is an eyewitness account of historical events of such magnitude that they have literally shaped the world in which we live. Without this book the Western world and a good deal of the Eastern world would be completely different today than if the events of this book had never occurred.

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Multiply your personal ministry through the Impact Club

The Impact Club rewards your efforts to recruit your Christian friends as members of the League. Unlike other clubs that you have to join, this one is automatic. As soon as two people have joined The Pocket Testament League with your referral number,* you're a member of the Impact Club!

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Power Up Your Sharing - Download our New App

Sharing your faith is now easier and more exciting than ever! Our new mobile app is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices! Just search your app store for The Pocket Testament League to find it.

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New Pastor Resource Channel on Vimeo

All your favorite PTL vidoes in one place. You can embed the videos into your presentaions or copy and paste a link that will take you direct to the video channel.

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Signup process simplified

The Pocket Testament League dramatically simplified the signup process for those wanting to join. Because Gospels and publications need an address for shipping purposes, the League had, in the past, required an address.

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Joni Earekson Tada has been an inspiring ray of hope to millions of disabled people around the world.

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New Spanish/English bilingual Gospel

 A superb way to put God's Word into people's hands is through English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) programs.

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Cover design contest

Response was outstanding for the League's first member Gospel cover design contest.

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New Gospel of John for lovers of the outdoors

The League introduced a Gospel of John cover designed to be used along the pathways and byways of everyday life.

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