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We share Jesus to share hope, and this year more than 10 million people have been invited to meet Jesus in more than 240 countries and territories.

Right now we have 1.3 million Gospels of John being shared in the Dominican Republic, we have requests for 1 million Gospels of John to be shared in Pakistan and the Greater Middle East. Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia are prepared right now to invite 1 million people to meet Jesus with Gospels of John. And India has asked us for 1.67 million Gospels of John so they can get God's Word — and the hope found in a relationship with Him through His son Jesus — to people in desperate situations in their country.

The opportunities God is providing are tremendous, but we can't do this work without your help.

Donate today to share hope. For every $0.37 given, a person will be introduced to Jesus and given a pocket-sized Gospel of John.

Donate today to join the movement and cover the world with God's Word. God is moving and He is blessing us with open doors to reach people around the world.

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